PC545 Battery Picture

The PC545 is made in the United States.

The PC545 is Non-Spillable.

The PC545 is charged & ready on arrival.

The PC545 has pure lead plates.

The PC545 acts as a deepcycle and starting battery.

The PC545 is an AGM.

The PC545 is vibration resistant.

The PC545 is heat resistant.

Odyssey PC545 Battery
PC545 Description
PC545 Specification:

Voltage: 12

PHCA**(5 sec.) 545

CCA: 185

HCA: 300


(20 Hr Rate-Ah): 13

Reserve Capacity Minutes: 18

PC545 Dimensions: L: 7.00" x W: 3.38" x H: 5.17"

PC545 Weight: 12.6 lbs

PC545 Terminal: M6 Receptacle

PC545 Internal Resistance: 10

PC545 Design:
-2 Year Free Replacement Warranty
-AGM sealed design
-Vibration resistant
-Maintenace Free
-Pure Lead Plates
-Low Discharge Rate for Storage
Your Price: $109.00